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Do You Test Business Applications?

Cut waiting times in half and increase the quality of your tests with icaria
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Do you have the following problems when testing software?

  1. The wait times for data are very long. There are very long wait times for test data.
  2. The lack of time and resources affect the quality of the software.
  3. Difficulty complying with data protection law in test environments.
  4. Potential risk for cybersecurity breaches.

How can Icaria technology help you achieve your software testing goals?

Reduce costs and waiting times

Get the data you need, when you need it and as often as you need it.

Increase the quality of your software

By cutting wait times in half, you can use the remaining time to test more and better.

Forget about

Are you interested in the data masking test? Sensitive data is decoupled to comply with GDPR regulations and improve risk management.

What can we contribute to your company?

I need to cut costs and get faster, better quality tests.

I need technology to lock and/or delete personal data in my applications and to comply with GDPR.

I need a low code platform to generate business management applications

We’re not the only ones excited about Icaria technology

More than 150 solutions in 7 countries

What do our customers say that already use Icaria?

netZima, the Icaria Technology team

netZima is a dynamic and innovative company dedicated to the industrialization of business software development and testing since 2001.

We have helped bring the lean concept from industry to software development and testing.

You can learn more about our equipment and technology at this link.

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